How to Make Goals Specific & Measurable

I struggled with making goals specific and measurable until I discovered a simple formula at this Small Business Success website. “I will (goal + performance measure) BY (specific actions).” Here is an example of how it works:

  • I will (lose weight)
  • By doing what? (by exercising)
  • When? How often? How much? How many? (Every morning I will do aerobic exercise that will increase my heart to 155 beats per minute for 30 minutes) Note: for information on how to calculate your own target heart rate zone, visit
  • Measured by (heart rate monitor, mark calendar)

Some goals are downright difficult measure. If you want to be a better parent, how do you measure that? It can be helpful to do some research. What actions are most likely to get you closer to your goal? What do good parents do? Or look at parents who do not excel at it and turn it around to do the opposite. Use a rating scale to measure abstract values. See printable charts to track progress on goals at the Sticky Wiki. See also Making Goals SMART.

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8 comments on “How to Make Goals Specific & Measurable

  1. Fantastic, this is a great example of setting specific goals. You find most people stop at the goal (I want to lose 20 pound, I want to save $20,000) a specific how, when usually doesn’t come into play when people are trying to be specific. Or perhaps I just like the formular it just makes sense, this clicks with me.

    Thanks for spelling it out.

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