Weekly Review

The weekly review is the way to monitor your progress towards acheiving goals and to take the time to plan.

  1. Review the past week and your schedule for the upcoming week.
  2. Review your value statement or unique selling proposition, your projects and goals.
  3. Develop goal and project plans and add more action steps as needed.
  4. Select items to take action on this week from your calendar, repeating tasks and work duties, goal and project plans, and personal development plan.
  5. Plan menus for the week and schedule items from your master list.

Both Stephen R Covey and David Allen advocate the importance of a weekly review. However, it wasn’t until I read a book called “The Personal Efficiency Program” by Kerry Gleeson that I really “got it.” I now have a better understanding of how it all fits together.

See also A Paper Planner Tool for the Weekly Review, the Weekly Plan and Planning.

Paper Planner Tool for the Weekly Review

Paper Planner Tool for the Weekly Review

Questions for the Weekly Review: Weekly Review Questions | Trigger Questions from Paauwerfully Organized (pdf)

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