Year of Personal Growth

Begin a year of personal development…I’ve searched the Internet for the best free tools to improve your life and help you shine!

12 months – each month a focus on a different life area:

1.      Purpose
2.      Mental
3.      Physical
4.      Spiritual
5.      Emotional
6.      Relationships
7.      Social
8.      Financial
9.      Career
10.    Organizational
11.    Recreational
12.    Character

52 weeks – an activity for each week to develop skills and set goals in the 12 topics. (Find all the activities on one page here.)
Print out a bookmark with a chart to track your progress.

January 2012 – Purpose -Week One – Activity: Uncover hidden talents.

Purpose is about knowing how you will use your talents to add value to life. To uncover hidden talents, look for the intersection between: what you’re best at, what you love to do the most, & what the world needs most. Especially notice activities that capture your attention so much that you lose track of time while you are focused on them.

Explore tools to uncover hidden talents. A printable Talent Matrix Table is available for $1.99 at the Daily PlanIt Shop. While all the tools can be helpful, one of the most effective is likely Oprah’s Find Your Passion (pdf) Exercise.

3 comments on “Year of Personal Growth

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  2. It is always time for personal growth, and I am trying to improve, endure, and keep my own mouth shut more. We can learn better if we are doing more listening instead of talking.

    Love what you have written, and thank you for sharing. I will be back soon.

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