Choose and Schedule Regular Exercise

March – Physical – Week One – Activity: Choose & Schedule Regular Exercise

Around the first of the year, I had resolved to introduce more exercise into my life. So far it hasn’t happened. Over a year ago I moved and let my gym membership lapse. I added an 80 minute/day commute on top of a full-time job, and realistically did not expect I would go to work out in the gym.The time has now come to think of a simple way to add exercise back into my life. I decided to alternate days of aerobic exercise with strength training, but I’ve been a bit hampered by a couple of obstacles: 1) my search for the perfect aerobic dance exercise dvd, and 2) my complete lack of knowledge about weightlifting. This weekend I made some choices to deal with these obstacles. To deal with the first obstacle, I chose to purchase the best dvd I’ve tried so far, even if it may not be the “perfect” one. To deal with the second one, I’ve done a few things: I checked out the book Kathy Smith’s Lift Weights to Lose Weight from the library and read it, downloaded the free Android phone App JEFIT (which is awesome btw), and purchased a set of weights. Now the only obstacles I face are distractions and lack of self-discipline!

My goal this week: I will alternate aerobic exercise with strength training exercise every evening  @6:30pm for 30 minutes, and track progress with a goal chart for one week.

It can be challenging to find an exercise that you like to do and targets what you need. For ideas and more tools, try:

Fitness 101 and Workout Routines and Ideas at

Fitness Basics and 5 Steps to Get Started at

Health Calculators from North Kansas City Hospital

FORMS: Track Diet & Exercise (pdf) from, and a printable food and fitness journal from WebMD,

Mine: Foldable Exercise Chart (side one) (6 forms per page, close to 3 x5 size) and Monthly chart for daily goals (pdf)

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