Top Ten Personal Development Sites

Update: I continue to find more great sites and now add them in the sidebar links. Also, I’ve added a page of Personal Development Experts.

Here are my personal favorites for personal development:

  1. StevePavlina – Personal Development for Smart People
  2. Scott H Young – Get the most out of your life!
  3. Zen Habits – Smile, breathe and go slowly
  4. Craig Harper – a tell-it-like-it-is Aussie Coach
  5. Personal Development Ideas – Dare to discover yourself
  6. The Change Blog – a community blog on personal change
  7. The Ripple Revolution– work for positive change with Curt Rosengren
  8. Manifest Your Potential – Find Your Gifts and Talents, Discover Your Dream Job, Career or Business
  9. Dr. Phil – He tells it like it is to help you “Get Real”
  10. Oprah – Live Your Best Life

Updated 1/14