Skimming the Cream

Ideas that are captured, then left to languish and starve on a dusty Someday/Maybe list, buried under piles or filed away and forgotten are wasted.

Continually review and evaluate ideas to choose the best ones to act on.

  • Why is this a good idea? Does it fit my goals?
  • Which ideas provide the best return on investment?
  • What resources would be needed?

Imagine your idea list like a Netflix Queue where you can rearrange the priority levels with a flick of the wrist. What’s at the top?netflix queue

Skim the cream: concentrate on the top ideas, projects, and goals.

Plant ideas, but don’t bury them: give them enough time to germinate, but not so much that they turn into compost.

Don’t plan ideas to death: How to Grow Your Ideas at LifeDev.

I am fascinated by the process of learning to read English and the idea of gamification to make learning fun. Phonics and literacy have become my passion project. I also write about personal development, goal setting, and time management. I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively.

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3 comments on “Skimming the Cream
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