Phonics Toolkit

Teach Reading the Wordplay Discovery Way. Three ways to become a super tutor:

Add games to make learning to read FUN!

Build skills with memorable rhymes based on facts.

Choose color coding that combines with a sensible sequence for fast learning.

The Phonics Toolkit is a complete set to teach phonics with 219 pages of fun rhymes, games, and worksheets.

 CoverCover Artwork copyrighted by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator, This and more artwork from this artist in the kit, used with permission.

With the Phonics Toolkit, there is no need to hunt all over to find the resources you need to teach a phonics pattern. Learning is hands on and color coding is easy to follow.

Perfect for:

  • reading teachers or tutors
  • parents who want to help their children with reading
  • anyone learning how to read!

Available soon at a bargain price (about the price of an average children’s book!)  


The digital version of the Phonics Toolkit is designed to be simple to put together, easily portable and print-cartridge friendly.

Print the set:

  • Simply download and print.
  • Punch and put into a 3 ring binder with 12 dividers.

Coming Soon:

a physical version that is ready to go.

Organized to Help Teachers Teach, and Readers Learn



  • Information
  • Phonological & Phonemic Awareness
  • Letter names and sounds


  • Short vowels
  • Blends
  • Short vowels that vary


  • Silent e
  • Bossy R
  • Diphthongs – vowel teams that make (mostly) new sounds
  • Vowel Teams that are often long
  • Vowels that vary
  • Long Vowel Patterns


  • Consonant Digraphs
  • Hard or Soft C and G
  • More consonants that vary


  • Open & Closed Syllables
  • Consonant -le
  • Schwa

Whether you purchase the set or not, you are welcome to use the following free resources!

Phonics Toolkit Online Resources

  • To see a sample of a few resources from the Phonics Toolkit, download a silent e freebie set with a boardgame, spot and dot sentences, and a word sort.
  • Word Sort Games – coming soon. Word sorts can be printed on cardstock, cut out, and kept in zip-lock bags.

More online resources:

  • A Phonics FUNdamentals tutorial and ebook.
  • Symbaloo collections of online resources
  • Links to many more great resources compiled at the Daily PlanIt: videos to watch, printable games, and online games.


Find more phonics tools at at the Super Tutor Tools Store at Teachers Pay Teachers, including the original set with 110 pages of 16 games, 11 word sorts, 24 worksheets and more. Check out the Index of everything included. This set is intended to round out the free resources compiled at the Daily Planit. Sections may still be purchased separately, but why not pay a little more and get them all?! [Add more resources with the Phonics Fun Folders set, the Phonics Patterns Game Board Set, and the Spot and Dot Phonics Patterns set] Download a pdf Chart to see the options.


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