Get Goaling

Find all the information you need to set and achieve your goals in my eBook “Get Goaling: the simple guide to set and achieve your goals.” This clear, concise, step-by-step guide gives you the tools to learn the skills and get goaling quickly.

Here’s the Table of Contents & what you will learn:

  1. Why Goals – why it is important to set written, measurable goals.
  2. Map Your Values – a simple exercise to map your values makes it easy to see where to begin.
  3. Goal Ideas – ideas for commonly chosen goals.
  4. Generate Ideas – ways to generate (and capture) ideas.
  5. Evaluate Goals – how to choose goals that will add value in each life area.
  6. Make Your Goals SMART – how to develop a plan to make goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time sensitive) I’ll share a formula that makes creating SMART goals a snap. An example shows how to break big goals down into doable steps.
  7. Plan Goals and Projects – how to plan goals and projects, and make time to work on them.
  8. Rewards – how to choose a reward to match the size of your goal.
  9. Target Dates – The difference between long and short range goals, how to set target dates.
  10. Keep Goals Visual and Visible – ideas to keep goals visible and visual.
  11. Take Action and Maintain Motivation – tips to inspire you to get going on your goals. There’s even a goal music playlist.
  12. Monitor Progress – how to monitor progress with a weekly review, how to plan weekly and daily to make progress toward your goals.
  13. Setting Work Goals – how to set work goals.
  14. Develop Goal Skills – eleven Goal Skills to master.
  15. Conclusion – summary of the steps for setting goals.
  16. Appendix A – Goal Charts And Goal Master List-tools to track your progress and keep your goals visible.

Goal Setting is one of the GREAT skills that are in demand in the workplace.

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