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Writer, Teacher of GREAT Skills, Designer of Coaching Tools

I’m Rosemary Rice, and I’ve been writing about productivity and personal growth at the Daily PlanIt website since 2005. The name of my website reveals my interest in teaching skills to be GREAT @work and @life, and my fondness for Superman and wordplay.

The Right Tools for the Job

I love to design, find, organize and share great tools for setting goals, increasing productivity, and developing skills for a successful and fulfilling life. I am passionate about connecting people with resources to learn the skills they need to survive and thrive.



A gap commonly occurs when employers fail to find employees with the soft skills they are looking for in the workforce. Why? because the skills that are most in demand in the workplace are not often taught. We can change this! The GREAT skills I talk about are:

  • Goal Setting
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • A+ Communication
  • Time Management

And I’ll tell you a secret. When you learn to follow the practices that research has shown will increase happiness and well-being, you also learn these great skills. Start with BE MEASURING, and along the way you unlock potential and develop strengths to open doors to opportunity.


Learn how to make shift happen and follow the practices that lead to happiness and well-being. Coming Soon: my new eBook!

GREAT Skills Trading Cards:



I am a volunteer tutor, teaching reading skills with literacykc.org. I love working with the students, and am fascinated by both the process of learning to read English and the idea of gamification to make learning fun. I’ve gathered many resources to create a Phonics Kit. There are many hands-on games at the ABCs of Games for Reading, and free online games for phonics are collected in a Symbaloo. I sell some games at the Super Tutor Tools page at TeachersPayTeachers, including a starter Phonics Kit Set.


The Year of Personal Development Challenge includes a weekly activity for a year to develop many skills. Develop even more skills with free online courses and the Development Center at the Sticky Wiki.


The Resources page contains toolkits for: Productivity | Goals | Personal Development, and more. There you can find lots of Free Tools created by the Daily PlanIt, plus more collected from others. Some of my printable tools for productivity and personal development are available for sale at Sellfy. There are also some for teaching reading at the Super Tutor store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Check out all my eBooks too.

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The Daily PlanIt Now page shows current projects I’m working on.

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In my spare time, I love to explore the intersection of books and movies. I enjoy seeing good design and creative commercials. I love to swim, if the water is warm.

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    I wanted to let you know that SUCCESS Magazine will relaunch in March 2008 with a new owner and publishing team and a return to its editorial roots Targeting the red-hot $11 billion personal-development industry. The new editorial direction marks a return to the magazine’s early publishing roots, providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with the tools and information they need to achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions. Launched in 1891 by Orison Swett Marden as a personal-development magazine, SUCCESS has been informing and inspiring achievers for more than a century. Through the years, the publication has been led by several renowned personal-development authors and editors, including Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino.

    In anticipation of the launch, SUCCESS magazine is releasing their top ten list for achieving success in 2008. This will give you a nice idea of the kind of content that will be in the pages of SUCCESS. As you know, so many people switch careers multiple times these days. Very few people stay with the same company for the long haul, like they used to. SUCCESS recognizes that there is a certain skill set—such as time management, prioritization, goal setting, etc that is not taught in school—yet is necessary in order to retrain oneself for the changed workplace.

    Let me know if your readers would be interested in this news, if you would consider posting about this and if you would be interested in hearing from me about SUCCESS in the future. Should you post, here is a link to SUCCESS http://www.successmagazine.com/




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    2. Design your Best Year Yet – As an architect would design a skyscraper, write out the goals, plans and actions it will take to achieve the life you want to live.
    3. Identify Your Passion – What are your unique interests, talents and gifts? Passion attracts success. Find what you love to do – you will never “work” again.
    4. Program Yourself for Success – You will see, perceive, expect and create what you think about. To program your mind for success – read watch and listen to materials that will support your success.
    5. Surround Yourself with Success – You are the combined average of the five people you hang around the most. Surround yourself with healthy, success-minded achievers.
    6. Model Success – The best way to learn to be successful at anything is to find someone who is where you want to be and model their success habits.
    7. Master the Fundamentals – Don’t complicate it. About a half a dozen things make up 90%+ of what it takes to be successful at anything. Keep it simple.
    8. Get Fit – The mind cannot achieve what the body cannot perform. Your family, friends and career and future depend on your good health. Make it priority No. 1.
    9. Remember What’s Important – At the end of the journey what will have mattered most will be your relationships – the people you love and those that love you. Make sure they are on your goal list for 2008.
    10. Make a Difference – What do you want your life’s legacy to be? You have the power to make a positive difference – to a single person, a neighborhood, a community, a nation, the world. Realize that power in 2008.
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  6. Whakate says:

    We like your thinking and writing. How can you be contacted personally?

  7. Hi,

    Anyway, as a very interesting voice in the productivity blogging community, I was wondering what you’d say your most important productivity message for 2010 is? I hope to compile my findings from numerous bloggers into a post on my blog (www.hermestechnologies.ie) in early January – to coincide with the worldwide feeling to turning over a new leaf in the new decade.

    If you’d like to contribute, a paragraph or two would be amazing, and any links which readers can follow to learn more. I plan on promoting the post heavily, so you would get you some added exposure.

    I’d love to hear your input, if only just to spark a dialogue between us.

    Jack Kinsella

    PS Sorry about clogging up your “About us” page – just delete this once you’ve got the message

  8. Nick says:

    Time management training for the information age. Think Productive offer practical workshops and at-desk coaching services to support organisations that want to increase productivity, helping their employees to beat stress, feel more in control of their work and develop playful, productive momentum.

  9. Khimmie says:

    I was having problem with time management and I think this blog will help me! Thanks, I hope there are more testimonials that were helped.

  10. Scott Edmonds says:

    This isn’t spam, I just thought you might be interested in this very simple, free goal achievement website I’ve recently been using. For me it really helped because it got me in the habit of setting 3 simple goals a day and then setting out to achieve them. There is no barrier to entry and no sign-up so I really liked that. I know for advanced productivity people it is too simple, but for those of us trying to get into it, it really has helped me so far this year.

    Love the blog. Thanks

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