A solid foundation

I dreamed last night about discovering a huge uneven gap in the foundation of the house where I was in the dream. It was a two foot gap or better between the broken edges of the basement wall, because, after all, it was a dream and therefore quite unreal. But I think I know where it was coming from, as in real life I dealt with a traumatic basement project in the summer of 2004. I guess I’m still recovering from the effects. It was costly in both financial and emotional terms. But it had to be done. The cement blocks had been installed incorrectly, lacking the necessary rebar and concrete to fill them with the strength to withstand the pressure from the earth. Cracks were worsening, and the effects of a bad foundation were visible in the twisted walls of the house above. I thought I had discovered a fool-proof way to solve the ant problem by having a backhoe come dig huge trenches around the house. Unfortunately, that part is not true. 🙂

It’s something to consider though. How important it is to have a good foundation. Without a solid foundation in life, how can you withstand the pressures? First build a strong foundation of values and knowledge which provides a solid base for everything else.

I seek to create order from the chaos of complex information. Join me at the Daily PlanIt to gain insights, inspiration, and information to increase skills for a better life. I unlock the power of teaching reading with phonics in the pursuit of literacy at www.phonicspow.com. In my spare time I explore books and movies, often choosing titles available on both screen and page.

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