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Cultivating Relationships

The social aspect of our lives is undeniably important for our well-being and happiness. People who have strong connections with others report higher levels of happiness. Relationships can also be challenging at times, and can be a source of unhappiness

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What I Have Learned About Love from the Movies

Something’s Gotta Give is one of my favorite romantic comedies. I’ve watched it many times and know almost all the lines by heart. Diane Keaton somehow makes having a broken heart funny in her crying scene. One of the lessons of

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What is Your Love Language?

Relationships: Learn love languages Dr. Gary Chapman describes “The Five Love Languages” in his book. (Affiliate link: I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase with an affiliate link. Thank you for

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Tracking loving actions

Personal Development System Part Two: Relationship Tracker Cards relationshipset.pdf This set includes four cards: 1. list your main primary and secondary relationships. 2. fill out a contact card for each of the relationships you listed. 3. conversation starter card. 4.

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9 Things That Helped Me During the Divorce

Email to a Friend Date:8/18/2006 From:Me To: My dear friend Subject: Dealing with divorce I know how difficult it can be when you’re going through a divorce. Here are a few things that helped me: 1) I spent a lot

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Discover Your Heroes

Part One of Discover U in Ten Steps Since my website is called the Daily PlanIt, it might not surprise you that one of my heroes is Superman! Knowing your heroes gives you insight into your character. Getting started Grab

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Being who we are and loving

A convergance of several experiences have led me to reflect again about the difficulties of love and relationships. Dr Robin L Smith spoke about her new book “Lies at the Altar” on Oprah, describing how women often lose themselves in

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Love Books

Books are a great place to look for the answers to questions. Sometimes there is one especially excellent book on a subject with all the answers. Other times different books contain elements of truth that can begin to make sense

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The Different Kinds of Love

The many ways we use the word love are so confusing! The same word can have such different meanings. In the book “The Four Loves” C.S. Lewis has based his ideas on the Greek words for love. This could be

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The most important words

From “The Eighth Habit” by Stephen R Covey: Please Thank you I love you How may I help?

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