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Brain Basics

This set of GREAT Skills trading cards on the brain and motivation includes: David Rock “Your Brain at Work” + TED Talk “Learning About the Brain Changes Everything“ Dan Pink “Drive” + TED Talk “The Puzzle of Motivation“ Simon Sinek

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The Not So Big Life

Remember Tom Hank’s character in the movie Big, who wished that he was bigger? When we are young, we naturally want to grow bigger and stronger. We see the world as an exciting place that we want to explore. We

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What to do after being slimed

Have you been slimed lately? Recently, watching the news often leaves me feeling that way. Whether it has to do with politics, terrorist attacks in other countries, or shootings in ours, it seems like there has been nothing but bad

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How to Increase Flow

You’re running at a good pace, listening to music with a good beat, taking deep breaths, feeling the strength and energy in your body, and it feels good. Sure, it hasn’t been easy getting to this point, but you’re here

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Cultivating Relationships

The social aspect of our lives is undeniably important for our well-being and happiness. People who have strong connections with others report higher levels of happiness. Relationships can also be challenging at times, and can be a source of unhappiness

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Smart Skills Trading Cards: Relationships

GREAT Skills are smart! This Trading Card Set features information on Relationships, and includes: Brene Brown – Being Authentic. TED Talk “The Power of Vulnerability“ John Gottman – Why Marriages Succeed or Fail. Video on his 7 Principles Dr. Gary Chapman

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Smart Skills Trading Cards: Emotions

GREAT Skills are smart! This set of GREAT Skills Trading Cards on emotions, meditation & goals, is available for download at Slideshare. This set of four cards includes: Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence Albert Ellis – Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Jon Kabat-Zinn

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