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32 Creative Arts to Try

The creative arts can be a wonderful way to add beauty and enjoyment to life. Try the 32 Creative Arts spinner for ideas to get started! See a list of A to Z Creative Arts to print.     1.

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Scheduling with Time Blocking and Focus Themes

Scheduling can sometimes be as simple as adding an appointment or meeting to your calendar. Scheduling is one of the skills of time management, and an important part of Planning. Remembering to include action steps for your goals on your

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Eating For One

It can be challenging to find options for eating when you are single, especially when you need to stick to a low-sodium diet. To expand on the idea of a daily theme, I’ve been hunting out some options for convenience

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Daily Themes

It’s not a new idea, but having a daily theme for each day of the week can be quite helpful. Themes can be flexible and are easily adjusted while providing some structure or simply providing inspiration. If you need a

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Planning is Thinking

Planning is important for time management, goals, and even purpose. It is one of the top 10 skills employers want. The planning process is thinking about… Things that need to be done. How they can be accomplished. In what order

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A Year of Personal Growth (free printable)

Download a free one page printable of Weekly Activities for a year of personal growth. This version is arranged by twelve life areas within Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul.

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Four Fantastic Tools For Focus

What we see depends on what we look at. What we look at depends on what we see. – the Daily PlanIt Just as we can hear a sound without really listening, so too can we see something without really

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12 Gifts of Christmas

The following ideas (with some of my favorites) to celebrate the 12 gifts of Christmas can make the holiday meaningful: 1. family – share the holiday with laughter and games, watch “Little Women” or “The Family Stone”2. friends – send

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BAH – Barely Able to Handle the Holidays

BAH – Are you Barely Able to Handle the Holidays? Perhaps your family has made a choice to limit gift-giving and focus more on the true meaning of Christmas, or maybe you have experienced a loss. If so, a new approach

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Grief Forward

A year ago, I was a happy person. I had a wonderful life, and was putting the final touches on a book about practices that contribute to happiness. But then in January of 2022, my world collapsed around me. The

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