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Get Creative

Character – Activity: Get Creative Creative problem solving is a key skill in life. We can all be creative! This week, flex your creativity muscles. There are many forms of creativity, so try to use one of the 8 Types of Creative

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Character in Action

Character – Activity: Watch Character in Action The Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln,” is a stirring account of the president’s last days, and a wonderful example of showing character in action. This week, watch character in action in a film. Resources: Top

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Who are your heroes?

Character – Activity: Who are your heroes? Think of people you have great respect for; they may be famous, or people you know. They may be real people or characters from books or movies, from the present or the past.

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Develop Character

Character – Activity: Develop Character “Character is who we are when no one is watching.” – John Wooden Personal qualities are positive character traits. Our character is revealed by our actions and based on our values and personal qualities. Learn more

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Do a Needs Analysis

Relationships – Activity: Do a Needs Analysis This week, do a needs analysis to understand them and how they fit into relationships. A part of relationships can be an exchange of meeting needs in different life areas. For example, in

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Make a Jar-O-Love

Relationships: Make a Jar-O-Love Search the Internet for an “I love you jar,” and you can find lots of ideas for filling a jar with the many reasons you love someone. This variation fills a jar with slips of paper

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What is Your Love Language?

Relationships: Learn love languages Dr. Gary Chapman describes “The Five Love Languages” in his book. (Affiliate link: I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you click through and make a purchase with an affiliate link. Thank you for

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Know What You Want

Relationships – Activity: Know what you want Whether you are already in a relationship, or looking for someone special, it’s important to know what you want. Looking for someone special? Begin by listing the top qualities you are looking for, then

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Develop Your Self-Esteem

Social – Activity: Develop Your Self-Esteem Good relationships start with people whose self-esteem is strong. The good news is that many of the activities of a Year of Personal Growth help to develop self-esteem: List your strengths in a SWOT analysis

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Acts of Kindness

Social: Acts of Kindness I will do something nice for a friend every day this week. I will spend my time & attention, or give small gifts like a card, candy, or a flower. I will also perform an act

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