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Scheduling with Time Blocking and Focus Themes

Scheduling can sometimes be as simple as adding an appointment or meeting to your calendar. Scheduling is one of the skills of time management, and an important part of Planning. Remembering to include action steps for your goals on your

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Planning is Thinking

Planning is important for time management, goals, and even purpose. It is one of the top 10 skills employers want. The planning process is thinking about… Things that need to be done. How they can be accomplished. In what order

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Four Fantastic Tools For Focus

What we see depends on what we look at. What we look at depends on what we see. – the Daily PlanIt Just as we can hear a sound without really listening, so too can we see something without really

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2020 Calendar

Make positive shift happen in 2020 with a free printable CD Case Calendar! Keep handy information about the building blocks of positive shift at your fingertips. Here’s how to make a stand from a CD case.

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The 10 Week Productivity Challenge

When we increase our productivity, we get more of the important stuff done. Productivity is also one of the top skills that employers want. Get started today with the 10 Week Productivity Challenge to learn how to manage your tasks

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7 Work Smarter Principles

I recently finished “Great at Work” by Morten T Hansen, who illustrates with examples and research 7 principles for working smarter. I was most interested in the first part of the book, which covers mastering your own work. The second

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Annual Review Toolkit

The Annual Review Toolkit contains 27 printable tools in a 30 page pdf to create a binder with everything you need to stay on top of regular reviews and on target with goals that align with your values. It includes Productivity Tools for

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Smart Skills Trading Cards: Productivity

GREAT Skills are a) in demand in the workplace b) rarely taught, and c) very helpful in all areas of life! GREAT Skills Trading Cards provide key information from experts for learning these skills. The links below lead to more

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Planner Printables

One productivity tool that I use is a Binder with tabs for the four elements of time management: System, Review, Routine, Focus, plus one for Projects. Some of my favorite forms are behind each tab. The binder has five dividers

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To (Always) Do Today

Think you’ve already got enough lists in your system? I recently added another one that I call my To (always) Do Today List. This new list was inspired by a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Either write something worth reading or

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