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Access Emotions With Music

Music can really connect us with our emotions. An mp3 player can be like a time machine, transporting us to memories of experiences with people in another time, another place, and the feelings we felt. Recently a song came on

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2014-3-17 Weekly Review

The theme this week is THINK BIG! We watched a fascinating National Geographic show called “Madness in the White City.” It’s actually a dark tale of how serial killer H.H. Holmes targeted victims during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.

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2014-3-3 Weekly Review

This week I shared How I Created My First eBook, complete with helpful links. I hope this is helpful to those who wish to tackle this project. On the Daily PlanIt Facebook page, I shared a great free tool from

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2014-2-24 Weekly Review

Has this ever happened to you? You are thinking of that perfect article or website you saw recently that you now want to share or write about…but you can’t remember exactly what it was or where you saw it? Did

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2014-2-17 Review

We all know the importance of a Weekly Review, right?! I’m beginning a new feature to provide highlights of the past week at The Daily PlanIt, with tools and information to develop work and life skills. You can view the

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