I’d like to share this piece that was written by Mike around 1990. It was read at his funeral yesterday.

Symphony. ..

Last week we went on our long planned and much needed vacation camping trip. For many it would not have been much of a trip, since we traveled no further than Melvern Lake, but for us it was great. While there, late one afternoon at dusk, we went for a family walk around the camp grounds. While walking, our nine year old, Richie, scolding Rosemary and myself for talking, making too much noise. ‘When you “get away from it all” you’re supposed to leave your work at home, but mom and dad on this occasion were guilty of talking about business while we walked. The sun had gone down. It was that twilight time, with nightfall and darkness close at hand. We continued walking and talking, but Richie persisted, saying something about us making too much noise. He couldn’t hear the symphony. Symphony, what symphony we inquired. Our Richie stopped, stood before us, like an orchestra conductor.

He said, “listen, over there is one part, there another, and there another. They are all playing together, a symphony. We paused and listened. “Don’t you hear the music, the different parts” he asked us? Finally it dawned on us what he was talking about, what he heard. He was talking about the sounds around us, the crickets and things and how it was music, a symphony. It was something we would have missed, if it was not for our fourth grader. Something special.

Too often, we do not take the time from “important things” to stop and listen to the music, the symphony that only God can make. It is always around us, playing every second
of every day. If you take the time to listen, and let the music into your heart it becomes easy to see just how small the wants of mankind; power, control, money and foolish pride, really are. How small we really are, when compared to the symphony… .

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