H Brothers – Digraphs

This is one section of a Phonics Kit that you can create. Many of the resources are provided by the websites below for personal or classroom use. See the full post for more resources!

H Brothers (digraphs)

Digraphs are a pair of letters representing one sound. The consonant digraphs are CH, SH, TH, WH + NG.

Note that PH can make the F sound – Kids vs Phonics Video (2:47) & Jack Hartmann Video (2:16), and GH also can. An I before gh makes a long I sound as in the word light Kids vs Phonics Video (1:23).

WATCH Jack Hartmann Digraph Song (3:58), Digraphs at Let’s Start Smart, Kids vs Phonics: CH (1:38) SH (1:28) TH (1:53) TH-Hard (1:42) WH (1:34) & NG (2:02), Hooked on Phonics: CH/SH (6:04), and Simply Phonics (digraphs start @1:28)

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 11.57.35 PM

H Brothers Poster from thewisenest

NG as in Sing

Elvis Presley was known as the King of Rock & Roll. He liked to wear rings when he sang. His longest song was “Suspicious Minds” (7:14) On Nov. 1, 1969, it reached number one on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Digraph Picture Sort from Thisreadingmama, SORT for NG from Science Is For Kids
Write the Pattern – see the Bookmark Set Freebie
READ the Pattern – Digraph Sentences from stickyball.net
READ Books: by author Brian Cleary: “Whose Shoes Would You Choose?” “The Thing on the Wing Can Sing” “Spring in the Kingdom of Ying”
PLAY Match Sets Game with word cards
PLAY Online Games: Beginning ending digraphs sadlier-oxford. Digraphs at softschools.com.  Forest Phonics also has some digraphs. Mr Nussbaum Two Letters has both digraphs & blends.

Digraph Word Sort and story at Teachers Pay Teachers

For even more resources, check out my reading Pinterest board.

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