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Can you imagine a world where people know what their talents are and how they want to use them, do work they love, earn the money they need, communicate well, understand and manage emotions, have strong relationships and friendships, develop physical strength and energy, connect with spiritual beliefs, develop character, and set goals and manage time effectively. A world where they have the skills they need to succeed.

I believe the simple activities for a Year of Personal Development are a great starting point to learn these skills. Skills are like keys to open doors to opportunities.

Start anywhere, anytime, with one of the 12 topics: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Relationships, Social, Financial, Organizational, Recreational, Career, Character, Purpose.

Connect with a better you by doing the activities on your own.

Connect with others interested in personal growth and development by starting your own group. The Whole Life Fitness page, and the Change Toolkit have resources to start a group.

Connect with a better world by sharing what you’ve learned with others. This framework could be followed by career and life coaches, and by organizations involved in workforce development or community assistance.

Connect with me with the links on my About page.



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