The well balanced life

When generating goal ideas, consider the various areas of your life:

  • Self development (mental, emotional, spiritual)
  • Career (work, projects)
  • Physical (diet, exercise, health)
  • Material (financial, belongings)
  • Social (relationships, family, friends, co-workers)
  • Recreational (vacations, hobbies)

Sometimes goals in one area may be in conflict with another area. For example, spending money on recreation means there will be less added to savings. Some activities combine areas. For example, taking a walk is good for both emotional and physical areas. If you go with a friend, it can also be good for the social area. Activities that you find enjoyable or important are different for each person, so consider what is most meaningful to you.

The Energy Level Gauge is a quick and easy tool to see areas of life that could use more attention.

The Map Your Values exercise helps to find your focus for goals.

One way to achieve balance, is to focus on one area each day of the week beyond your usual activities. You can choose a focus area on a regular day or randomly.

  • Sunday-do something spiritual
  • Monday-creative
  • Tuesday-mental
  • Wednesday-social
  • Thursday-physical
  • Friday-emotional
  • Saturday-fun

See also: Ideas for weekly activities for a year of personal growth.

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