15 little words to make your spouse happy

Today’s entry is from an Ann Landers column. The 15 words for husbands to keep their wives happy are: I love you. You look great. Let’s eat out. Can I help? It’s my fault. The 15 words for wives to keep their husbands happy are: You’re so sexy! Dinner is ready. I hate shopping. You’re a genius! Here’s the remote.

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4 comments on “15 little words to make your spouse happy
  1. ajay says:

    be quiete while you are taking dinner and slightly say ‘ i love you ‘ to your spouse

  2. ajay says:

    take care of her small things and never forget to kiss on her side lips before going office

  3. Ahmad says:

    among the words, I LOVE YOU is the best one to make your spouse happy, for sure in my prospective.

  4. Here’s the remote…that ones the funniest.

    You look great works always. Who doesn’t like being told they look stunning?


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