A universal remote that actually controls life is the premise for the new Adam Sandler movie, “Click” that is now out in DVD. After going to the “beyond” department of Bed, Bath and Beyond, he thinks he’s found a wonderful tool. However, the more he attempts to control life, the more out-of-control his life becomes. There is plenty of trademark Adam Sandler humor (i.e. usually rude & crude!) and some funny moments like when he discovers he can turn down the dog’s barking. But it actually makes a serious point that if we fast-forward through the tough times, we miss a lot of important stuff. And how vital it is that our actions reflect what we say we believe.

I seek to create order from the chaos of complex information. Join me at the Daily PlanIt to gain insights, inspiration, and information to increase skills for a better life. I unlock the power of teaching reading with phonics in the pursuit of literacy at In my spare time I explore books and movies, often choosing titles available on both screen and page.

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