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The good news is I am on a clutter busting roll! The bad news is I’m exhausted…whew. I have just enough energy to share my mistakes that you may learn from them. It all started when a VCR of fairly recent origin ate a tape. I wasn’t sure where I had put the book for it, let alone the receipt. I had one huge file labeled “warranties” that I’ve been throwing things into (when I remembered to) for awhile. Others had made their way to various locations around the house. I was inspired to make separate hanging files for all major appliances and label them: dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, air conditioner, etc. Then I made a list with the information: date purchased, where, price, brand, etc. Next I will make more files divided by location: small appliances-kitchen, electronics and so on.

So from now on, here’s the plan every time I purchase something over $20.

  • Right away, make a file for the book.
  • Write the date & where purchased on the front cover and staple the receipt inside the back cover.
  • When something breaks, or is otherwise no longer around, remember to take out the book and discard it.
  • Less expensive versions of some things can be more inclined to break sooner. Sometimes you get what you pay for.
  • When gifts are received that have a book, make a file for them too.
  • Some books may contain pages with information you may need for maintenance or operation. Make a copy of those to add to a Household Notebook (Printables from For example, instructions for a thermostat or for telephone functions.
  • Include a seasonal maintenance checklist in the Household Notebook.
  • Keep track of home repairs and improvements (EHow.)

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