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Time management resources usually fall into one of two categories: Work Wonders or Home Helpers. Here are a few Home Helper Resources I’ve discovered.

I’ve been reading the book, “1000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets.”by Jamie Novak. She is the resident organizing expert at the Real Organizing for Real People message board at IVillage. There’s lots of great ideas, and at the back are Simple Sevens for Success: 7 favorite tools, 7 ways to start small…

I read organizer Monica Ricci‘s blog regularly. Also the Productivity Pro whom I’ve mentioned previously.

Messie’s Anonymous by founder Sandra Felton, and are both helpful sites.  Real Simple magazine is great, and also has a website with lots of neat information. Organized Home is a wonderful website too.


Organizing A to Z at

“The Organizing Sourcebook” by Kathy Waddill-nine strategies for organizing your life with real life examples from a professional organizer.

“Best Organizing Tips” by Stephanie Winston-great overall guide.

“Get Your Act Together” by Pam Young and Peggy Jones-a card system for keeping track of keeping house for sidetracked home executives. Also check out “The Messies Manual” by Sandra Felton. Fight Household Clutter is an HGTV article by Deniece Schofield, author of”Confessions of a Happily Organized Family.”

“Ready, Set, Organize” by Pipi Campbell Peterson-has helpful information about filing and storage.

“Let Go of Clutter” by Harriet Schecter-ideas to simplify. There are two articles by her at Soulful Living: From Chaos to Comfort and Shedding Sentimental Clutter.

“One Year to an Organized Life” by Regina Leeds-breaks a big project into doable steps.
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  1. Thanks for the kudos, I appreciate it. Very good info you’re sharing here, and I hope you’ll come back to my blog and leave your comments there as well! ~Monica

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  3. I love Jamie Novak’s books too! She has a new one coming out in March ’09 I can’t wait.

  4. Thanks for mentioning my book 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets. I’m glad you find the tips useful. You’ve compiled a bunch of resources here, thanks for all the valuable info.

  5. Our clients have improved their time management both in business and in their personal lives by partnering with a Virtual Assistant. I even have my own. Delegate those tasks that can impede on your time with clients and family. They go hand in hand. Thank you for this post and the thorough list of links and tips.

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