Get out of that rut!

OK, I admit it. I like to find a product that I really love and stick with it because I know it works well. I like to find the optimum way to arrange furniture in a room and leave it that way. It’s the efficient way. It’s also the boooorrrring way! Somewhere I read that hair actually needs a shampoo change every now and then, or it gets too used to the one you’re using for it to work well anymore. So every now and then…

Shake it up!

Try something new and different.

Drive a different route to work.

Get a new perspective

maybe even….move some furniture around.

2 comments on “Get out of that rut!

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  2. There was a study done that showed the part of your brain used for writing was different depending on if you were using a computer or not. So writing with a typewriter used significantly different parts of your brain than using a PC. I try to remember this when I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall and just try to do something different.

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