Eight Reasons Why I Love Planet Fitness


Reasons why I love Planet Fitnessplanet-fitness:

1. Convenience – It’s handy.

2. Price – pretty much flat-out unbeatable. They even gave me a t-shirt when I joined.

3. They made it easy to commit.

These first three are pretty basic things consumers always consider whenever they make a choice.

But they’ve gone beyond this to enhance the user experience.

4. There are rows and rows of great equipment. I’ve never had to wait for a machine yet. And I’m not too worried even with a likely influx of customers in January.

5. They have a cool water fountain that makes it easy to refill a water bottle.

6. With many of the machines, you can plug in earphones to listen to a channel of your choice on the rows of televisions. This has been a major motivator for me to keep pedaling, as I get involved in a show and want to see what happens. I love the HGTV channel which we don’t get at home, so it’s  built in motivation. Today, for the first time, they were having technical difficulties and the televisions were down. Oh, no! Well, I was going to listen to my mp3 player until I discovered the battery had died. OH, NO!! I was looking at an interminable 30 minutes of torture. (My goal is 30 minutes on the elliptical a day.) Never fear, all was not lost.

7. Planet Fitness has their own channel going, on a centrally located television. They play little tidbits about movies, reminders and ads for their upgraded service (which includes access to massage chairs among other things), but mostly they play music videos with a good beat to exercise to. In this way, I have learned about artists I might never had heard otherwise. Even while watching other channels, you can hear the Planet Fitness channel in the background and notice some really good music. I learned about the wonderful song “Brave” by Sara Bareilles this way. Today, my workout was saved by this channel which was still available, and I had to smile at the dancing chicken in “Dance Our Tears Away” by John DeSohn. (warning: there is a very brief view of what I think would be called twerking, hopefully not too offensive!)

8. Because Planet Fitness keeps me on target, I reap the benefits of a good workout. There’s something about getting the blood pumping that gets ideas flowing and keeps you feeling great!

What businesses do you love for the way they add value?

P.S. I do have an idea for Planet Fitness to consider. How about pay-per-use for a massage chair? Or even better, one free massage chair use after so many visits?!

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  1. Jj says:

    any one know the soundtracs they play at planet fitness in the tanning beds?

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