Choosing Goals

Choose goals that will add value.

Learn how to choose goals with this short video explaining the Map Your Values exercise from my eBook, “Get Goaling.”


Choosing goals that are your top priority is one of the skills you need to learn to begin setting and achieving your goals.

This simple exercise from my eBook “Get Goaling,” makes it easy.

To get started, you need key values.

The value words I’m talking about are qualities that will most improve your life if increased.

For this exercise, print the Map Your Values pdf from the link above, and there’s also a link to a list of value words if you need ideas.

It’s pretty easy to pick a word to answer the question: “What will fill my life with value?” for each life area.

For example, in the physical area, the word “health” might come to mind.

If your health is good, you may think of words that add more value, like “strength” or “energy.”

Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which shows that once basic needs are met, we move up to higher needs.

Look for a word that is realistic, and doesn’t limit you too much.

Once you have a word for each life area, mark the current level of each value, and you quickly see which areas to focus on.

The good news is many goals are already known to increase some values, so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

If you choose the word “health” for the physical area, clearly that value can be increased by following a healthy diet and increasing the amount of exercise you get. Make your goals SMART.

Find ideas for some commonly chosen goals, many with SMART plans, at under the Goal Plans tab.

Some goals may be uniquely your own and require more planning.

Learn how to do this and more with the Daily PlanIt eBook, “Get Goaling.”

I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively. I'm highly interested in the areas of goal setting, time management, and skills to improve life.

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