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The Phonics Toolkit is now available at Teachers Pay Teachers. Transform students into super readers with memorable introductions to patterns with fun rhymes, 16 games,  24 worksheets, 11 word sorts and more. Learn more about the Phonics Toolkit and get your copy today! Designed to be portable, inexpensive to create, and easy to use, it provides many resources for learning phonics skills.

Once your kit is set up, add some of the resources from others that are compiled here. Many of these are provided free for personal or classroom use by the websites in the links. A magnet board and magnetic letters are a great addition for practicing words.

You may also want to check out 10 Steps to Reading, which includes links to my favorite free online resources for learning phonics. There is a downloadable pdf version.

Each post below includes videos, printable games, and online games to learn the concept as well. Many online games require Flash and may not work well on some tablets and smartphones. It can be helpful to download the Mozilla Firefox browser. They are collected in one place here at Symbaloo.



Option 1: Use a binder notebook with dividers, zip-lock bags for the sorts, and a separate binder for the games. Keep it all in a tote bag.

Option 2: Use a separate plastic pronged folder with pockets for each concept or pattern. Keep the folders in a plastic Sterlite file bin.

For the word sorts:

  • Card stock for printing some of the activities.
  • Plastic zip-lock bags from the hobby area, the 2″x 3″ size is great for holding the sort cards. They can be kept in larger zip-lock bags, or punched with a hole punch and added onto the prongs of the folders.
  • You can use containers like Athenos feta cheese and add frog eyes from tes. Name tag holders can work as pockets to change the pattern for each sort.

For the kit:

  • Binders -OR-
  • Plastic pronged folders with pockets. These are about anywhere for around .50 each.
  • Sterlite plastic file bin & hanging folders
  • Transparent plastic bingo chips in assorted colors are great as markers for games and other uses. They can be found at Oriental Trading Company, or I found mine at Mardel.

The materials in the kit and compiled here are designed to practice spotting different patterns. There are lots of sorts to do, games to play, and things to read. Create a section or folder for each of the topics below.


26 letters amaze and astound! They make 44 sounds when they move around! Here are some helpful charts to keep in front of your kit:

  1. Phonics Basics
  2. Short Vowels
  3. Silent e
  4. Bossy R
  5. Digraphs
  6. Diphthongs – Vowel Teams with (mostly) new sounds
  7. Vowel Teams – More Ways That Vowels Can Be Long
  8. Letters With More Than One Sound
  9. English is Weird: Schwa & Sight Words
  10. Syllables : Open & Closed | Consonant -le



  • Bookmark Set Freebie – These bookmarks include Write the Pattern activities for many Phonics Patterns.
  • Pattern Chart Set Freebie – These can be used as sort mats, posters, or printed on business cards for other sorts. Credits: Some artwork copyrighted by Mark A Hicks, illustrator, Used with permission. Sources for other graphics at Pinterest.


The Super Tutor Tools Store at Teachers Pay Teachers has many resources I’ve created for tutoring reading. Most have a small charge, but there are freebies there too.

Check out the Daily Planit Phonics Toolkit for even more resources, including the free ebook on Phonics FUNdamentals.

Glossary of Literacy Terms

  • Digraph-a pair of letters representing a single speech sound (consonant digraphs, and vowel digraphs or vowel teams)
  • diphthong-two vowels combine to make one sound with mouth positions that change.
  • grapheme–the written representation of a phoneme
  • phoneme-the individual sounds that make up a word
  • phonics–the relationship between letters and sounds
  • schwa–a lightly pronounced “uh” vowel sound that can be represented by any vowel
  • syllable–a unit of speech generally containing only one vowel sound

There are more definitions of Literacy Terms at and

A Phonics Kit provides tools for learning reading skills.

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