Blends and Blending

Two (or more) consonants may blend together with each sound heard in the blend.

Blends are often introduced after learning about short vowels, so it’s a good idea to begin practicing with blends that have short vowels. Blends with other vowel patterns can be included after they have been learned. Blending the sounds of letters from left to right is an important skill for beginning readers. As other vowel patterns are introduced, scan for phonics patterns in words to decode them.

WATCH Blends (3:20) 2 Letters that work together from Jack Hartmann (3:32) Kids vs Phonics Blends (6:17)

Blends picture sorts from (More Blends picture sorts from fairypoppins for and color picture cards from testyyettrying)

Sort onto a B&W blends chart from thisreadingmama (or color blends chart from maketaketeach), S blends ice cream activity at

Blends flip books with pictures and words from

READ Blend sentences at

PLAY Printable Letter Blends puzzle from Learning 4 Kids (11 pages, some color), Go Fish blends game from Adrian Bruce

Great Green Grapes Blend Board Game at TeachersPayTeachers

PLAY Online games: Fuzz Bugs Farm from abcya (pc only), blending bearending blends from kizphonics. Warehouse gameBowling gameSorting Office, and Final Blends Honey Maze from literactive. L Blends & s Blends at yourchildlearns. Blends at galacticphonics, Blends at Blends at with sign-in, Consonant Blends at SadlierConnect (pc only). Advanced Blends: Rocketship Reader at

More Resources at the Blends and Blending board at Pinterest.

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