Characteristics of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Myers-Briggs is a popular method to explore personality types that can help in choosing careers, communication, and understanding motivation. Are you looking for a cause that is Active Inspiring and Meaningful to put on a vision board? You can even find a good match to volunteer oppotunities by Myers-Briggs Type.This post provides an overview of characteristics of the 16 possible combinations of eight traits within four dichotomies.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Types are 16 combinations of 8 categories within 4 dichotomies:

  • Extrovert – Introvert. How you gain energy…from PEOPLE – E or from TIME ALONE – I
  • Judging – Perceiving. How you organize… with ORDER – J or FLEXIBILITY – P (see Task vs People Orientation below)
  • Thinking – Feeling. How you make decisions…guided by REASON – T or VALUES – F
  • Sensing – Intuition (N). How you view information…see DETAILS – S or POSSIBILITIES – N



Extroverts or Introverts. I chose to group these combinations in quadrants by first dividing all Extroverts on the left and all Introverts on the right, since this is the easiest to discern.

Task Orientation or People Orientation.* Next, the top two quadrants are Task Orientated and the bottom two quadrants are People Orientated. For the most part, those with a J designation tend to prefer structure and are task orientated, while those with a P designation tend to prefer flexibility and be people orientated. However, there are some exceptions. In the Extroverts, ESFJ is people orientated and ESTP is task orientated. In the Invtroverts, ISFJ is people orientated and ISTP is task orientated.



ENTJ “Commander” bold, imaginative, determined leaders
ESTJ “Executive” (Director-VWM) frank, assertive traditional administrators and managers
ENFJ “Mediator” (Giver-VWM) charismatic, inspiring, supportive teachers
-ESFJ “Consul” (Caregiver-VWM) helpful, sociable, caring providers, people orientated

-ESTP “Entreprenuer” (Persuader-VWM) energetic perceptive communicators, detail & action orientated
ENTP “Debater” curious risk takers who love intellectual challenges
ESFP “Entertainer” (Performer-VWM) spontaneous, enthusiastic performers
ENFP “Campaigner” (Champion-VWM) sociable creative free spirits

INTJ “Architect” strategic thinkers and big picture planners
ISTJ “Logistician ” (Inspector-VWM) reliable, practical, fact minded analysts
INFJ “Advocate” active idealists, Both creative & analytical, emotional & logical
-ISFJ “Defender” perceptive guardians of rules who dislike change, people orientated

-ISTP “Virtuoso” (Crafter-VWM) self confident observant problem solvers, thoughtful adventure seekers, results orientated
INTP “Thinker-VWM” (Logician-16P) innovative inventors who love learning
ISFP “Adventurer” (Artist-VWM) charming, flexible, artistic explorers
INFP “Mediator” altruistic intuitive thinkers with purpose who see the big picture

*Names for the 16 personality types from except INTP uses “Thinker” from VWM rather than Logician from 16P. In parentheses are different names from Very Well Minds, or VWM. Another approach to look at the different types is at

Find your Myers-Briggs Personality Type: try an online test to determine your Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

Download a free two-page pdf with the Quadrants and Characteristics of the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

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