I write about GREAT skills that are in demand, yet are not often taught. I strive to open doors to a bright future by closing the workforce gap this lack of training causes. I create tools that increase personal development, productivity, and work engagement.


Keeping this page current has become another task to do! I have begun mind-mapping my projects with mindmup and I will post those here for updates on what I’m doing now.


  • I intend to Make Shift Happen in 2017! My main focus is completing a book about following the practices shown to increase well-being.
  • You can see that I am easily distracted by other ideas. Sigh. My secret is out; I am an expert at the art of being unproductive.
  • Some ideas have been moved to the backburner for now, like a series of videos to illustrate motivation techniques from Alex Vermeer.

Keeping in mind that time is relative, in the now now I’ve been updating this now page!

You can also see what I’ve been up to with links at my About page to Pinterest, Facebook, and a Flip-board review.


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