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ToolboxThis page is dedicated to tools for productivity, planning and goals. First my free ones, then a link to mine for sale. Free Tools from others will follow.

Home Helper Tools and  Personal Development Tools are at separate pages. More are pinned at Pinterest. Books I recommend for productivity are mentioned at Work Wonders and Home Helpers.



NEW! Get your free copy of 25 Quotes and Affirmations to Finally Defeat Procrastination (plus 10 more to Overcome Fear!)

Sticky Wiki – lots of checklists



Misc Productivity




My Tools for sale at Sellfy:

Free Tools from Others





Daily & Weekly

Weekly (Weekly Planning forms here)






Find more Free Tools here:



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  2. I am the founder of a non-for-profit orgnization for a men’s sobriety house. Most of thee men are ex-substance abusers/offenders, and need moral insight on who God is, and a working knowledge of whats right and wrong, and why we need God in our lives.
    Please help me achieve what God has purposed in my heart.

  3. Thanks for the link! I am encouraging everyone in the GTD community to come by and download the calendar pages. I need people to take them for a “test drive” and give me some feedback on how they work, and how they don’t work.
    Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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  7. I just wanted to give an update that the planner tools I created are out of “beta” and are no longer free, but if you have a PayPal account you can download them very inexpensively. I will have two versions of the 2008 calendar available very soon.
    Note: Find Stephen’s planner tools at

  8. I would like to suggest a Microsoft Outlook add-in for you to evaluate that is especially relevant to this website and it’s readers. EasyLinkMail is an email efficiency software that contains gmail functionality and takes it to the next level for users of Microsoft Outlook.

    EasyLinkMail and the other products in the EasyMailSuite add-in for Microsoft Outlook improve productivity by converting email chains into conversations, consolidating discrete emails, removing duplicate content, exporting email data into Excel, and sending and exporting surveys and their results into Excel. The application is free for personal use and $24.95 for business users. All of the products can be obtained at

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  15. I have just created a free web tool that helps to schedule meetings or calls across time zones and manage time efficiently when you have to work with other people that have a different time zone. Check it out here
    I would very much appreciate your feedback.

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  19. Great list of resources!. I personally find it helpful to have a fun, visual platform with which to design my day and use the daily wellness planner called Owaves (

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