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15 little words to make your spouse happy

Today’s entry is from an Ann Landers column. The 15 words for husbands to keep their wives happy are: I love you. You look great. Let’s eat out. Can I help? It’s my fault. The 15 words for wives to

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Intentions are what happens when we think of something we plan to do. Intentions based on love consider what is best for all concerned. However, despite the best intentions, nothing happens until we actually take action. Actions that are congruent

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Dr Harley on Needs

My recent interest in the subject of needs led me to read the book “Give and Take” by Dr Willard Harley. It was an eye-opening experience. Besides talking about Love Busters and the ten most important emotional needs, he says

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Meeting needs with love

I’ve been reading two apparently disparate books that seem oddly connected, as they have related ideas about unexpected topics. A book about depression and one about energy both have interesting things to say about relationships and needs. “Creating Optimism” by

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