The Charge

TheChargeI’ve been reading “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard, and it’s a book that’s given me a lot to think about.

A charged life is a consciously designed existence that feels evenly engaged, energized, and enthusiastic.

Brendon describes three activators for each of five baseline drives, and five forward drives. He provides free resources at, including a one page productivity planner. He discusses using this tool to Control Workflow in the chapter on the Baseline Drive of Control. There are three parts to this form:

  1. Top 3 projects and 3-5 biggest moves to make them happen.
  2. People to contact today: a)waiting on a decision/information or b)need to share a decision/information.
  3. Things that must be accomplished today.

Brendon’s advice to Control Workflow:

Begin with People, checking for and responding to only emails for those that fit the criteria. Then, close email and don’t check it again until the last hour of the day.

Next Produce by working on the priorities at the bottom of the page. If you finish those, ask “is there anything else I can do right now to move one of my big projects forward even faster and more effectively?”

His system requires self-discipline to avoid distractions! Ironically, as I checked for a summary of the book, I found a website so interesting I found myself spending a lot of time exploring it. Here is the summary of “The Charge” at

This is just one of many ideas I got from this book. It provides a great framework to create a dashboard for a visual check of how you’re doing in personal development, and has made me aware of areas to improve and ways to create a more fully charged life.

TheChargeFree Printable Personal Development Dashboard based on the book “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard. (pdf)

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