2014-3-3 Weekly Review

This week I shared How I Created My First eBook, complete with helpful links. I hope this is helpful to those who wish to tackle this project. On the Daily PlanIt Facebook page, I shared a great free tool from David Meerman Scott, a Free Marketing Strategy Template. Plus a lot of other neat stuff, like the Happy song by Pharrell Williams.

During the past week I took a quiz to determine if I am left brain or right brain dominant. You may have seen it going the rounds on Facebook: http://en.sommer-sommer.com/braintest/

LeftBrainRightBrainI was shocked and dismayed by the results! Let’s just say that it said I’m strongly left brain. Sure, I get that I like to make lists and organize things, and that’s a left brain function. But I highly value creativity and art, and like to think I’m at least a little bit creative. So I was very disturbed to see this result.

It bothered me so much I decided to re-take the test, and then take a closer look at what it is based on. The second time it came out a little better: 69% left, 31% right. I looked at the explanation of the test which came up after the test was completed.

Then I found this article at http://www.livescience.com/39373-left-brain-right-brain-myth.html and was reassured that brain dominance is not something to get worked up about. As long as you have a functioning brain, that’s the main thing! Still, I may try to spend some more time exercising my creative side.

Have you heard comedian Jeanne Robertson talking about her left-brain husband? She is one funny lady!

Smead has an article on how to set up an office based on brain dominance. Have a great week!

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I enjoy finding great information, combining it in new ways, and packaging it creatively. I'm highly interested in the areas of goal setting, time management, and skills to improve life.

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One comment on “2014-3-3 Weekly Review
  1. […] judgment, language, and logic abilities reside in the left brain. Switch to the creative right side of the brain, which includes imagination, visual and musical […]

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