Idea Generation and Capture

Ideas are wild creatures

Track them down

Entice them by throwing out tasty tidbits to attract more. Go forth into the habitat where ideas live. Surround yourself with creative people as much as possible in life and online.

Ideas multiply under the right conditions. Design an environment where they thrive and feed and water them so they will grow.

Set Traps to Capture them

Blanket your space with capture implements: scatter notecards, paper and pens everywhere you might encounter ideas. When you spot one, leap on that critter, grab it and don’t let it go.

Corral them

Have one central spot where you herd them all. Those pieces of paper will escape if you give them half a chance.

Group them

So you can find them again. Otherwise they tend to lie on top of each other and you lose sight of them. Organize subjects together or use a binder with A-Z tabs and an index. Whatever works for you.

Take a closer look at them
Focus your binoculars to observe them clearly.

Most importantly…
Never underestimate the importance of ideas. Pay attention! Remember that you need to capture them and DO IT!

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