tv or not tv

I’ve been quiet for awhile as I’ve been dealing with television issues in one form or another. It all began when I finally decided to add local television stations to my satellite. I had postponed this for quite awhile, saving that extra 5 bucks a month. Well Hmmm. The only problem was it didn’t work. When I called DISH Network, a nice lady explained my satellite probably needed a free upgrade to receive them. (While on the phone with the nice lady I requested a new remote-more to follow as the saga continues.) Well, that sounded okay, so the guy came on Wednesday to switch it out. Said he hadn’t seen a satellite dish that old for awhile. Then he came inside to hook it up to the tv. Hmmm, that’s odd. No picture. I was puzzled as the tv had worked fine earlier. So I hauled down a small tv, and whadaya know it worked. Sadly, this meant my larger tv had coincidentally bit the dust. Dust, static electricity or just plain old age had brought to an end it’s years of faithful service. Meanwhile I was reduced to a small tv on the floor until I could go tv shopping.

That same day my new remote arrived. My old one had issues, you might say. The buttons were very difficult to push even with maximum effort, and the up arrow just flat-out quit a few years ago. That was the best 20 bucks I ever spent. Now I’m wondering what on earth took me so long to make the call.

So anyway, yesterday I enlisted the services of my son to go on a quest for a new tv. I needed his brawn to haul it and his brains to hook everything up. I found myself entranced by the elegance of the LCD tvs-so thin, so light-weight, so beautiful. I was smitten. We noticed a display model they were selling for 70 bucks less, so we took it home and spent a bit of time attempting to hook it up before conceding defeat and taking it back to the store and a huge line at the customer service desk. My poor son. Luckily the new one in the box we (meaning he) quickly ascertained had no problems and everything was clear skies and smooth sailing thereafter. I’ve spent most of today just admiring it.

The whole process did take some time. Lessons learned: a bargain isn’t a bargain if it doesn’t work. When things aren’t working well and don’t cost much to fix, for goodness sakes just do it! Making lasagna is a great way to thank son for hard work.

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