Is Your Genius at Work?

Notes on the book “Is Your Genius at Work?” by Dick Richards.

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  • Genius=talents
  • Purpose=the reason your talents exist

The author provides 32 exercises to assist in identifying your genius. The primary method is to give it a name that contains one gerund (a verb that ends with the suffix ing) and one noun. Some examples: Digging Deeper, Taking Care…the possibilities are many. You can make guesses as to what it might be, try it on and keep changing it until it feels right.

4 Key Questions:

  1. What is your genius?
  2. Is your genius at work?
  3. What is your purpose?
  4. Is your genius on purpose?

I’m still thinking about mine! This is the most helpful book I’ve ever come across to grapple with this question.

Here’s a free tool with word lists to inspire ideas for Finding Genius I created.

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