Tools for the Four Step Plan

Tools for a Four Step Plan for Goal Setting

How much of your time is spent in: daily definites, daily distractions, or goal oriented actions?

1. Use the Matrix Time Chart based on Stephen R Covey’s Time Management Matrix to track activities. Routine tasks (daily definites) fit in quadrant I, goals in quadrant II, time wasters (daily distractions) in quadrant IV.  Use the Printable CEO Emergent Task Timer or another timer to track what quadrant you are spending your time in.

2. Write down daily definites, everything you do routinely: See repeating tasks

3. Write down goals: See goal ideas

4. List favorite daily distractions: See time wasters

This exercise provides a picture that will show if you’re walking your talk, living your plan.

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  1. Thank you so much for using my post and sharing it. I wanted to thank you personally, but I don’t see your name anywhere…Tell us more about you!


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