Productivity adds up

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In Can Life Really Be Balanced? at Your Life. Organized., Monica Ricci does some math:

Total hours in a week: 168

Subtract hours for the following:
Sleep: (7 hours average per night) 49
Work: 40
Commuting: 10
Meals: 10
Home & life maintenance: 40 (this encompasses everything from laundry to getting dressed to running errands, to washing the car, to grocery shopping, and more)

That adds up to 149 hours of your week. That leaves 19 hours for everything else.

Laura Stack, the Productivity Pro summarizes some of the results of the American Time Use Survey.

Your Goals as Waveforms is an article with an interesting metaphor by Graham English. provides a variety of interesting date calculators. You can use the Duration Calculator to enter your birthday as the start date and today’s date as the end date to determine how many days you’ve lived. Subtract that number from the approximate 30,000 days mentioned above for an estimate of days remaining. Using them well is what it’s all about.

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8 comments on “Productivity adds up
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  2. Simple Productivity didn’t write the article. Here’s the link to the original source: Your Goals As Waveform

  3. […] Productivity adds up – [DailyPlanIt] […]

  4. dailyplanit says:

    Graham, updated to mention your original article. Nice!

  5. Monica Ricci says:

    Thanks for the plug and support! I appreciate your mention of my recent blog post on balance and am glad to have found your blog!


  6. Jamin says:

    A couple of very thought provoking pointers there. Many thanks! Physics and productivity, what a combination!

  7. Andy C says:

    I often wish I could do without sleep but then I think how much I would miss dreaming.

  8. […] 8th, 2007 by bobleckridge I stumbled across this 30,000 days figure the other day. Apparently its about how many days there are in an average life. Well, I […]

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