Save Money and Spend Wisely

Financial – Activity: Save money and spend wisely

If you have a savings account, use it to save money for goals. If you don’t, get one so you can. Calculate how much you need/want to save to reach your goal and use a chart to measure your progress. Look into ways you can save money. Simplify your life with ideas from Zen Habits to save money.

Understand the difference between wants and needs.

  • NEEDS = Basics for living
  • WANTS = Wishes beyond Basic Needs

Print Questions to ask before buying, keep it with you and refer to it before spending money. Research every major purchase before making a decision with resources at your local library like Consumer Reports, car value guides, etc.


For Saving:

Financial Literacy Course and more at Money For Goals post

This is one of the weekly activities for a Year of Personal Development.

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