System Reboot

Earlier this week, my laptop started to act like it was possessed. The cursor began crazily jerking across the screen on a path of it’s own choosing, definitely not in the direction I wished to go. I tried some troubleshooting tactics. I updated my virus checker and did a scan. I did a defrag. I attempted a system restore. And then it seemed okay. I thought I had fixed it, until I plugged it into the outlet in the kitchen, the same outlet I was plugged into when the problem began. Then the difficulty returned, apparently only occurring in those conditions. One of my friends advised me, “Don’t plug it into the kitchen outlet!” That’s pretty good advice, I’d say.

While my computer was unavailable (it took hours to defrag) I spent some time reviewing the process and systems I use to manage tasks and projects. Some updating was definitely in order. It reminded me of the importance of reviewing, and made me think about how it should be done regularly. If the thought of doing an in-depth review is daunting, I have found that even a quick review can be beneficial. If only a small amount of time is dedicated to glancing back and then forward, it still provides a good return for the investment.  I also ran across a fantastic free tool for an annual review from The Art of Non-Conformity.

Things I learned from a system reboot

When facing a problem:

1. If certain conditions cause problems, and those conditions are not essential, avoid them! This is kind of a derivative of “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

2. Experiment to eliminate possible causes.

3. Don’t forget to perform routine maintenance.

4. If you’re stuck, review your system, your projects and goals.

More problems I ran into this week:

spamI reached the limit of my endurance for Spam. Frankly, I never have had much appreciation for any kind of spam. Lately spammers have gotten quite tricky in their methods for getting through spam filters. A genuine comment on a post has become increasingly rare. I resolved to turn off comments, although I invite genuine interaction on the Daily PlanIt Facebook page. They came to this conclusion at Copyblogger back in March. (I’ve seen spam in commments on other Facebook pages, so we’ll see how that goes.)  Once the decision was made, I discovered there isn’t just one simple switch to throw. To truly turn them all off would require going to every single post, and there are lots of them here. My hope is that turning off comments on this and future posts and the pages will deter most of the spammers. Talk about time wasters, spam is on my hit list. dislike

Awhile back, an employee at Office Depot persuaded me to purchase several printer cartridges of their brand rather than genuine HP printer cartridges. I knew better than to do that, but allowed myself to be swayed. The first one perked along well, but eventually my printer revolted. When I replaced the cartridge with the real deal, my printer was once again happy. So I attempted to return the other Office Depot cartridges, but was refused a refund. I’m not mad, but I AM going to spread the word, and I’ll never buy another cartridge there. I’m just saying.

Do you do regular maintenance and a weekly review? An annual review? Let me know on the Daily PlanIt Facebook page!


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