A Daily Routine

BeachIt was part of my routine for awhile to take time each day for deep breathing and stretches while listening to a CD of the sounds of ocean waves. I imagined all the sensations of standing on an ocean beach, surrounded by blue sky, green palm trees, and the sweet scent of colorful flowers. I imagined feeling the warmth of the sun, a gentle breeze and the sand beneath my feet. As I touched on all the senses I felt connection with the world. While I inhaled and stretched up, I thought of filling up with hope, peace, serenity and calm. With each exhalation, I released tensions and worries, letting them go as I reached down toward my toes. I no longer do this exercise daily, but it certainly helped during some stressful times.

There is benefit in having a daily routine. These often simple yet essential tasks keep us on the right track. It is interesting to see how others arrange their days. (See the articles listed at the end of this post.) But just as we must each find a productivity system that works best for us, everyone needs their own daily routine for their unique life. Getting started on a task or a day is often the hardest part. Once a routine is in place, it becomes an automatic way to begin. The idea is to free up brain cells that can be used for more creative pursuits. Of course, the occasional shake-up adds variety and invites inspiration. I am fortunate to have more freedom and flexibility now, but generally follow these routines.


“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m going to do?” -Steve Jobs

“What will I do today that’s worth talking about tomorrow?” – Montel Williams

  • Coffee & stretches
  • 7am Feed pets
  • Take vitamins
  • Make breakfast/read newspaper
  • Work @computer
  • Check weather and email
  • Review calendar and to-do list
  • Do important work & stay focused
  • 10:30am aerobic workout

Noon lunch/rest


  • Errands
  • Review progress and stay on track
  • Do routine tasks
  • Be aware, stay hydrated
  • Learn something
  • Cool down and wrap up
  • Clear desk
  • Review today and plan tomorrow


  • 6pm Fix dinner/cleanup
  • Connect with family
  • Lift weights and do posture exercises when watching tv
  • Lock up for the night
  • Wash up/brush teeth
  • Read

What does your daily routine look like?

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5 comments on “A Daily Routine

  1. My daily routine is different every day because my schedule is different. But I try as much as possible to start the day reading my Bible, showering, eating & reading the news and then tidy and sweep the house. In the afternoon I usually work on my blog and make dinner. In the evening I sit on the couch with my husband and watch some tv and quilt and plan the next day. I wish I could be more consistent with my routine but it just isn’t possible. I have my grandkids a lot and they don’t lend themselves well to a routine. Oh, well. They’re only little once. I work my routine in the best I can.

  2. I’m still thinking of ways to improve my daily routines. I might try listening to the song “Good Morning” by Mandisa to get off to a good start! There are always new things to try, and sometimes we have to respond to what life throws at us.

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