How to Be Awesome in 10 Steps

I joined a great Meetup group that gets together to talk about the ideas in non-fiction books. It is so inspiring to meet others interested in personal development and working toward goals.

At the last meeting we discussed “Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work That Matters” by Jon Acuff. Here are some things I learned from reading the book about how to…


Step One: The first step to being awesome is to follow Jon on Facebook. His posts are often seriously fun, like the one about the three person hot tub with a window in it next to the bed in his hotel room. Or thought-provoking, like this one: “If you could tell the 18 year old you, one piece of advice, what would you say?” I decided this would be my advice to me: “Be willing to step out of your comfort zone a little and try new things.” 

Step Two: Do Summer. To promote his new book, “Do Over,” Jon offers a free worksheet for an email sign-up.

Illustrating his points with humor and stories, Jon describes five stages to awesome: Learning, Editing, Mastering, Harvesting, and Guiding in the book “Start.”
More Steps to Be Awesome:
  • Step Three: Remember that you already know how to be awesome! When we are kids, we’re awesome. We just forget that.
  • Step Four: Experiment! Blow things up, burn things down. Tinker, smash, mix. Scientists learn from their experiments, they don’t call them failures. (Learning)
  • Step Five: Ask yourself what brings you joy. (Editing)
  • Step Six: Get experience, do the work. (Mastering)
  • Step Seven: Don’t be a jerk, don’t get complacent. (Harvesting)
  • Step Eight: Use your strengths to help others and share what you’ve learned. Start again! It’s never too late. (Guiding)
  • Step Nine: Punch fear in the face. Question your self-talk, use positive affirmations.
  • Step Ten: Keep learning! Go read “Start.”
Are your goals awesome or are they average? How can you Be Awesome today?
Want to follow along online with the books we’re reading? The next book we will be discussing is “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success” by Adam Grant.

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