Short Vowels


Short vowels say the sound

CVC Words like DOG and CAT that have a Consonant Vowel Consonant pattern often make the short vowel sound.


CVC Word Roller – free from the Daily PlanIt at Teachers Pay Teachers, CVC Word Machine from

CVC Cards. Use CVC cards to sort by vowel sound, or for activities for phonological and phonemic awareness.

Closed Syllables. Closed syllables often make the short vowel sound. When a vowel is followed by at least one consonant, it is a closed syllable. An exception sometimes occur when the letters i and o are followed by two consonants. (find and lift the lost gold) A can make a short O sound sometimes. (watch the dog play squash with a ball)

Flossy Words. The final consonant of some words with short vowels can double. This is known as the FLOSS rule. (Turn the drill off in class or it will buzz) The Bee Buzz game and free Flossy Word Treasure are available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Short i and e. It can be challenging to hear the difference between short i and e. LISTEN to contrast words, WATCH Short E & I Sounds from allaboutlearningpress (2:49) and practice with Short I & E picture sort from tchrgrl.

Short and Long Vowels. Review the difference between short and long vowels. WATCH Long & Short Vowels from Scratch Garden (1:55) Short and Long Vowel Chart from the Daily Planit. The short or long picture sorts from First Grade a la Carte are great for this, see also Short & Long Pictures & Words (pdf – source unknown)

WATCH Short Vowels from Red Apple Reading (3:01), Kids vs Phonics Short Vowels (4:47)

READ short vowel sentences from, Beginner Books from Progressive Phonics. READ Books: “Gran on a Fan” by Kevin Bolger, “The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug” by Brian P Cleary.

Please note that many online games require Flash and may not work well on some tablets and smartphones. It can be helpful to download the Firefox Browser

PLAY Online Games: Sliding Beaver and  Hanging Monkeys from literactive, CVC words at, construct a word & puzzlemewords at Short vowel machines at Starfall. Short vowels at kizphonics. Word path from learninggamesforkids, & put it on the shelf at, & CVC maker at crickweb. Cloudy Day, Vowel Popper and Vowel Ace at (choose short vowels)


PLAY Printable: 123 Flip It game from thisreadingmama

ABCgamesMore Active, Board, and Card games at the ABCs of Games For Reading.

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