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This is one section of a Phonics Kit that you can create. Many of the resources are provided by the websites below for personal or classroom use. See the full post for more resources!

A letter e at the end of a word is silent and makes the vowel long. A vowel that is long says it’s name. Note that E’s like to stick together, as in tree, so the e may not always be at the end, like in seed. With the other vowels the silent e at the end is often separated by a consonant. Together or apart, Silent e often works just the same. (although sometimes ie makes a long E sound (see Letters With More Than One Sound), and o_e can make a short U sound. (some, gloves)


Note that Defender D can stop silent e from making the vowel long. (like in the word badge) WATCH -dge strategy from Sue’s Strategies

a cute ape in a tree likes his home

WATCH Magic e song from KidsTV123 (2:13) Silent e from Bazillions (2:44) Magic e from Nessy (1:34) Silent e contrast words from the Daily PlanIt (2:10)

Kids vs Phonics: A_E (2:11), EE (1:27), E_E (1:24) I_E (1:42), IE (1:47), O_E (2:17), U_E (1:56), UE (1:50)

LISTEN and play at Quizlet

Silent E contrast w/CVC from teacherstakeout

SORT Silent e flashcards from Lanternfish ESL, Sort Mat – Silent E Handout from

Silent e pictures and word building from First Grade and Fabulous

Long Vowel Words & Pictures from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Short A/Long A, I, and O from thisreadingmama (color)

READ Long A sentences (plus all long vowels) from

READ BOOKS: “Nice Mice in the Rice” by Brian P Cleary “Here Comes Silent e!” by Anna Hays


FREE! in the Silent E Freebie Set

PLAY printable games: The Silent E Freebie Set includes one of each type of resource from several different sets, all about Silent e. You get the Silent e information from the Phonics Fun Folders set, a game board from the Phonics Patterns Game Board Set, a page from the Spot and Dot Phonics Patterns set, and a Soccer Sort Game. (Soccer Sort Games are sold separately at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers). The Bee Hive Silent e game is also available at the Super Tutor Tools store.

Please note that many online games require Flash and may not work well on some tablets and smartphones. It can be helpful to download the Mozilla Firefox or Puffin browser.

PLAY online games: Jack in the BoxFridge MagnetsMagic E game at literactive. Silent e at kizphonics, and from The Galactic Phonics Symbaloo has several Silent e games (along the right side) Silent E game at (pc only), silent e & more at (with sign-up).

More resources at the Silent e Pinterest Board.

There are more ways that vowels can be long.

Write the pattern Bookmark Set Freebie at Phonics Kit.

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For even more resources, check out my reading Pinterest board.

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