Vowel Teams

This is one section of a Phonics Kit that you can create. Many of the resources are provided by the websites below for personal or classroom use. See the full post for more resources!

Vowel Teams (with the exception of diphthongs, which usually make new sounds) are often long, making the sound of the 1st vowel & the 2nd vowel is silent. This guideline is sometimes not reliable, however. There can be many exceptions. EA often makes the long E sound, but sometimes a short E sound (eat, bread). IE often makes the long I sound, but sometimes a long E sound (pie, thief).

WATCH Patterns (4:13) OA from Kizphonics (1:22) + exceptions: AU/AW (3:53)

SORTS AI/AY picture sort & OA/OW picture sort from 1st Grade & Fabulous (B&W), AI/AY words & picturesOA/OW color pictures from the measured mom

ACTIVITY Vowel Team Clip Cards from Fairy Poppins (includes diphthongs)

PLAY Printable Change game from Adrian Bruce

PLAY Online Games: Diphthongs at softschools.com and the Coconut Vowels game at arcademics. BBC games (in Explorer) and Forest Phonics from ictgames.

Bookmark Set Freebie – These bookmarks include Write the Pattern activities for: Bossy R, Digraphs, Long Vowel Patterns, Consonant -le Patterns, and F Patterns.

For even more resources, check out my reading Pinterest board.

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