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For several years I’ve been reading books that have been adapted into movies, and watching the movies. I don’t always read or watch based on this criteria, but when I do, there are often pleasant surprises that I might not have tried otherwise. Of course, not all have been a good fit for me, and I haven’t enjoyed all of them. Sometimes I just get one or the other accomplished. And sometimes I choose to read books that have not been made into movies, and watch movies that are not based on a book. But on the whole, following the screen and page method has been a rewarding way to go. Three of my most enjoyable reads this year have movies in development or production, or are coming soon: The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, The Impossible Fortress by Jason Rekulak, and The Woman in the Window by A. J. Finn.

With the pandemic restricting new movie releases and movie theater showings, this year has been different to say the least. Still, the Academy Awards look like they are set to happen April 25, 2021, and I’ve been reading about some exciting contenders.

The Half-Life by Jonathan Raymond

The movie based on the book is called “First Cow” (PG13) and is available now on Showtime or to rent via Amazon Prime.

The movie “News of the World” (PG13), based on the book by Pulette Jiles, is due to come out in December.

The movie “The Midnight Sky” (PG13), based on the book “Good Morning, Midnight” by Lily Brooks-Dalton, is also due to come out in December.

The movie “White Tiger” (R), based on the book by Aravind Adiga, is due to come out in January.

More possibilities based on fiction books include French Exit, Let Him Go, and I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Check the 2021 Screen Reads lists at and Goodreads. Place your vote for a Screen and Page Oscar Contender at, simple collaborative lists without log-in.

Nomadland has been mentioned as an Oscar Contender, and is based on a non-fiction book by Jessica Bruder. Personally, I don’t enjoy reading non-fiction and the movie trailer didn’t grab me, so this isn’t my top choice for a screen read.

Update: So, I got “the Half-Life” by Jonathan Raymond read. I liked the descriptions, but the story was not at all what I expected. There was not a single cow in it! The trailer for the movie “First Cow” looks like it completely changes the book and leaves out a major character!

Also watched “The Midnight Sky” on Netflix. I was underwhelmed. Seems like they took an idea and stretched it waaaaay out.

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