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Beyond Facebook: Develop a Support System

Social – Activity: Develop a Support System People are social beings, and connection with others is an important part of our lives. #4 of Lessons for Living from Psychology Today, is SOCIAL NETWORKS MATTER. While Facebook is a helpful way

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Making Connections

Social– Activity: Make Connections Tim Sanders describes an exercise from his book “The Likeablity Factor” in a post on his blog, Sanders Says, called “Develop a Sincere Interest.” It’s a great way to make connections with the people in your

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Communicate Well

Social: Communicate Well Communication is Number One of the Skills Employers Want, and also vital to the relationships in our personal life. To learn how to communicate well, explore these links to online courses, videos, and other resources to master the

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Plan Menus & List Repeating Tasks

Organizational – Activity: Plan Menus & List Repeating Tasks We’ve touched briefly on both these topics previously, in the Mental Area under Increase productivity &  Plan weekly and daily. Since that time I’ve done some extensive updating on two posts: 1) Plan

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Set Up a Household Notebook

Organizational – Activity: Set Up a Household Notebook It is super easy to set up a Household Notebook to create a very helpful tool. Don’t tell anyone, but it’s actually kind of fun too! You can use some of the great resources

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Set Up Storage

Organizational – Activity: Set Up Storage After decluttering, the next step in getting organized is setting up storage for the things you want to keep. 1.Choose the area of your home that bothers you the most to begin: Living Room Kitchen

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Organizational – Activity: Declutter This week, begin to simplify your life by decluttering stuff! Choose one area at a time to work on Start with the area that bothers you the most Take it in small chunks For each item,

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Expand Your Comfort Zone

Recreational – Expand Your Comfort Zone A Garfield cartoon features the lazy cat relaxing on his back, thinking “Jon says I should ‘seize the day!’ There’s only one problem…I can’t reach it from here.” Achieving any goal requires some effort

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Plan to Entertain

Recreational – Activity: Plan to Entertain Entertainment is a social recreational activity that requires some planning to do well. Entertainment can range from an informal barbecue to a more formal dinner party. Whatever kind of entertainment you want to provide,

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Keep a Screen Time Log

Recreational – Activity: Keep a Screen Time Log How much time do you spend watching television, at your computer, playing video games, or on a cellphone? How much of that time increases either productive use of your time or quality

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