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Know What You Want

Relationships – Activity: Know what you want Whether you are already in a relationship, or looking for someone special, it’s important to know what you want. Looking for someone special? Begin by listing the top qualities you are looking for, then

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Develop Your Self-Esteem

Social – Activity: Develop Your Self-Esteem Good relationships start with people whose self-esteem is strong. The good news is that many of the activities of a Year of Personal Growth help to develop self-esteem: List your strengths in a SWOT analysis

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Acts of Kindness

Social: Acts of Kindness I will do something nice for a friend every day this week. I will spend my time & attention, or give small gifts like a card, candy, or a flower. I will also perform an act

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Beyond Facebook: Develop a Support System

Social – Activity: Develop a Support System People are social beings, and connection with others is an important part of our lives. #4 of Lessons for Living from Psychology Today, is SOCIAL NETWORKS MATTER. While Facebook is a helpful way

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Making Connections

Social– Activity: Make Connections Tim Sanders describes an exercise from his book “The Likeablity Factor” in a post on his blog, Sanders Says, called “Develop a Sincere Interest.” It’s a great way to make connections with the people in your

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Communicate Well

Social: Communicate Well Communication is Number One of the Skills Employers Want, and also vital to the relationships in our personal life. To master the skill of communication, explore the links to online courses, videos another resources. I will dedicate _____ (time) every

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Plan Menus & List Repeating Tasks

Organizational – Activity: Plan Menus & List Repeating Tasks We’ve touched briefly on both these topics previously, in the Mental Area under Increase productivity &  Plan weekly and daily. Since that time I’ve done some extensive updating on two posts: 1) Plan

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