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Learn Phonics FUNdamentals:

Visit the new Phonics FUNdamentals Tutorial, which includes a video (12:35).

Scan the QR code PhonicsTutorial

Download the free ebook: Phonics FUNdamentals plus online games to practice reading skills to learn the basics of Phonics and get quick access to resources and games at the Daily PlanIt. Learn more with the ebook Learn How to Read the Wordplay Discovery way available at Amazon.

Explore Resources for Specific Phonics Skills

Find links to videos, online games, and hands-on games and materials compiled at the Phonics Kit post. CLICK HERE to learn about:

  1. How to get started with letter knowledge and phonological and phonemic awareness.
  2. How to sound out words with short vowels, word families, and blends.
  3. Vowel Patterns: Silent e, Bossy R, Diphthongs, Vowel Teams, and Vowels that vary.
  4. Consonant Patterns: Consonant Digraphs and Consonants that vary.
  5. Multi-Syllable Words: Open & Closed Syllables, Consonant-le, and Schwa.
  6. Sight Words that are frequently found in written text.


Symbaloo collections of links:

See also Fun Online Games to Practice Reading Skills. Many games use Flash and work best on a computer. Some will work on tablets or other mobile devices, and the Firefox browser can help.

Find activities for Active, Board, and Card games to practice phonics skills at the ABCs of Games for Reading.

Quizlets – The Quizlet App is a great way to learn with audio.

10 Steps to Reading includes my top favorite free online resources.

A Reading Lesson Plan includes online tools for teaching reading.

The 44 Sounds of Reading has a phonogram chart and vowel sounds chart.

See literacy statistics and ideas for Incentives for Reading.

My Pinterest board on Reading

My Youtube Reading playlist

Create your own portable, affordable Phonics Kit.

Silent E Freebie Set

Download the Silent e Freebie Set available at the Super Tutor Tools store at Teachers Pay Teachers. This set includes one of each type of resource from several different sets, all about Silent e. You get the Silent e information from the Phonics Fun Folders set, a Space Race game board from the Phonics Patterns Game Board Set, a page from the Spot and Dot Phonics Patterns set, and a Soccer Sort Game. (Soccer Sort Games are sold separately).

You can create a Phonics Toolkit with these sets, with the Phonics Toolkit below, or both! Download a pdf Chart to see the options.

The Phonics Toolkit is available at the Super Tutor Tools Store at Teachers Pay Teachers. You can find more resources there too, some for free! Learn more about the Phonics Toolkit here.

Cover Artwork copyrighted by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator, This and more artwork from this artist in the kit, used with permission.


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